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New Documents explores the work of upcoming photographers in Nottingham from the past five months, focusing on story telling through documentary photography. New Documents is a reflection of how, through photography, we express our thoughts of life and the world around us. The photographers display the reflection of humanity in the exhibition featuring numerous project themes ranging from everyday life, national issues, portraits to architecture. The photographers work includes all forms of medium, such as digital, 35mm and medium format photography to express their views of the world. 


Photography is a way to tell a story and evoke feelings; we use our camera’s as a tool to create powerful imagery and experiences, for us as photographers conveying these experiences to the viewer is the ultimate sense of completion.

Identity is based on people, more specifically the hidden secrets behind a person and what they have to say about themselves and their lives. The people being photographed are the people that are part of my life, for example; family and friends. I aim to capture the most raw and vulnerable aspects of a person, the bits and details that make them.

When I took the photographs, I wanted to capture the personal aspects of each individual portrait to give the viewer their own relationship or view point. Each photograph has a quote or message handwritten by the subject matter, revealing a little something about them that you would not know from just looking at them. This will include whatever they wish to write about, it can be a personal experience, something relating to them or their life or just something that represents their personality, by allowing them to write whatever they like, you are able to get an aspect of their life that is from them and them only.